Nursery Coordinator: Looking to Hire

Shiloh Church of Tioga will be offering nursery services again upon completion of our nursery facility. We will offer nursery services for children in kindergarten and younger. We will have two nursery workers who are experienced in the care of infants and young children. We will offer nursery services during times of Bible and book studies and during Sunday Worship services. Our goal is to keep the family together; come to church and everyone participate in the service and studies.  

The children's sermon, offered on Sunday morning worship service, is a short Bible lesson for the very young to give them more exposure to stories of the Bible told for a young child's understanding.

Background checks are completed on all adults that participate in any nursery, children, or youth ministry.

We hope to see you and enjoy Bible Study, a wonderful worship service and the many activities enjoyed by our church family. Shiloh Church is also very involved in our community and everyone is invited to participate and enjoy the blessings we have been given and lovingly offer to you. 

Please send an email via the link on the home page for more information. We would love to hear from you.

Ministries of the Shiloh Church of Tioga